“Be to each other a world forever beautiful, forever new, and, to each, be everything. ” Jean de La Fontaine.

Weddings are a rare moment in life, crystallizing joy and happiness. A time of intimacy and communion, a time which has been prepared down to the finest detail and which passes by in an instant. With my camera, I mingle discretely to bear witness to these special moments, capturing attitudes, the inexpressible, gestures, looks and emotions. A passionate testimony to a peerless day, a commitment, a moment of love and sharing.

My lens captures those fleeting moments in time and seizes silence. Gossamer moments of everyday life, shadows, breaths, smiles, hidden treasures, looks, silence, pain, those thousand and one things that make us what we are. An instant captured on paper, suspended in time, a hostage, cornered and immortalized, letting its colours filter through to imprint itself with primal force. Amidst the swarm of our lives, I track down the inexpressible, that elusive something which molds our quintessential here and now.

Manuel Meszarovits portrait.

I am wedding photojournalist and storyteller. For many years I have been traveling to wedding ceremonies the world over, capturing these special moments through my unique viewpoint as photojournalist. A far cry from standard poses and rigid portraits, my work conveys the decor, the charm, the dress, the atmosphere…. My camera captures the full intensity of the emotions.

Very hands-on professionally, I have the gift of being able to build simple and complicit relationships with the men and women I photograph. Self-taught photographer, not bound by any convention, my work stands out not only for its originality, but also for its energy and strength. Subtle lighting and almost tangible feelings between bride and groom, family and friends… My photos tell a story, an incredibly intense story.

Considered of very exclusive wedding photojournalist, photographed over 500+ weddings all over the world. Based in South of France between Provence and French Riviera-Monaco, traveling anywhere through the world just a short flight away covering any wedding destination in Europe, Middle-East and all around.

Self-portrait in the window of Manuel Meszarovits

If you are interested in working with me because you are passionate about “true, deep and intense photography”, because my style of “photojournalism wedding photography” is what you want exactly with me and you’d like to inquire about your wedding or upcoming event, don’t hesitate to send me an email. I offer a high level of customer care and distinctive attention to my clients.