Manuel Meszarovits

Social Documentary Reportages

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A collection of stories about social documentary and humanitarian photography exploring how the world looks, showing living or working conditions, global social issues with underprivileged or disadvantaged people, homelessness, poverty on a documentary and photojournalism style and, with another some stories about people.

Overview of my photographic documentary work with me loaded bycicle in IndiaOverview of my Work
Storie about Migrants crossing the border in Hegyeshalom, HungaryMigrants Hegyeshalom
Storie about a private concert of Ben l'Oncle SoulBen l'Oncle Soul
Storie about the fight againts child labour with children educationChildren Education Nepal
Storie about child labour in NepalChild Labour Nepal
Storie about charity house of providence in Keszthely HungaryProvidence House Keszthely
Storie about Economic development in SenegalEconomic Development Senegal
Storie about Rabelados comunity in Cape VerdeRabelados Cape Verde
Storie about exclusion and povertyExclusion & Poverty