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Welcome to Manuel Meszarovits Portfolio, first-class and exclusive international wedding photojournalist, one of the world's leaders in wedding photojournalism photography. Manuel Meszarovits documents your wedding in the French Riviera, Dubai and worlwide with unique creative photojournalism photography.

About Manuel Meszarovits

I am international wedding photojournalist and storyteller. For many years I have been travelling to wedding ceremonies the world over, capturing these special moments through my unique viewpoint as photojournalist. A far cry from standard poses and rigid portraits, my work conveys the decor, the charm, the dress, the atmosphere... My camera captures the full intensity of the emotions.

" Be to each other a world forever beautiful, forever new, and, to each, be everything. " Jean de La Fontaine. Weddings are a rare moment in life, crystallising joy and happiness. A time of intimacy and communion, a time which has been prepared down to the finest detail and which passes by in an instant. With my camera, I mingle discretely to bear witness to these special moments, capturing attitudes, the inexpressable, gestures, looks and emotions. A passionate testimony to a peerless day, a commitment, a moment of love and sharing.

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Documentary Wedding Photographer

As documentary international wedding photographer, my photos tell a story, an incredibly intense story. Self-taught photographer, not bound by any convention, my work stands out not only for its originality, but also for its energy and strength. Very hands-on professionally, I have the gift of being able to build simple and complicit relationships with the men and women I photograph. Subtle lighting and almost tangible feelings between bride and groom, family and friends... To offer you an unforgettable memory with incredible wedding photographs!

Documentary Photography

Visual storytelling investigating with a sensitive and personal approach human beings in their natural condition and every aspect of human nature, capturing fragments of life at precisely the right instant. Eyewitnesses of the world and its people.

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Documentary Photography

Stories about human condition

Humanitarian Photojournalist

Apart my wedding photography, I provide also humanitarian photography helping humanitarian association or NGO, telling about dignity and stories of people and cultures, and particulary about underprivileged people through the world.

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Humanitarian Photojournalism

Stories about homelessness
Healthcare access
Workers rights
Child labor
Human rights
Minority rights...


Explore on my blog hundreds of wedding photographies, in the French Riviera, Provence or through France, and around the world, have a look of good adresses about wedding suppliers and tips about wedding venues and the fabulous wedding world.

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