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Wedding photographer Provence

Exclusive wedding photographer Provence | French Riviera | Worldwide

Passion for photography


Very hands-on professionally, I have the gift of being able to build simple and complicit relationships with the men and women I photograph.

Stories with photography


Subtle lighting and almost tangible feelings between bride and groom, family and photos tell a story, an incredibly intense story.

Energy for photography


Self-taught photographer, not bound by any convention, my work stands out not only for its originality, but also for its energy and strength.


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About Manuel Meszarovits

" Be to each other a world forever beautiful, forever new, and, to each, be everything. " Jean de La Fontaine.

Weddings are a rare moment in life, crystallising joy and happiness. A time of intimacy and communion, a time which has been prepared down to the finest detail and which passes by in an instant. With my camera, I mingle discretely to bear witness to these special moments, capturing attitudes, the inexpressable, gestures, looks and emotions. A passionate testimony to a peerless day, a commitment, a moment of love and sharing.

I am an artistic photographer. For many years I have been travelling to wedding ceremonies the world over, capturing these special moments through my unique viewpoint as photojournalist. A far cry from standard poses and rigid portraits, my work conveys the decor, the charm, the dress, the atmosphere....
My camera captures the full intensity of the emotions.


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I provide wedding reportage and wedding photography shots in Provence and International.

Manuel Meszarovits in action

Traveling the world looking for the best, most intense snapshots.